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Pacsun Gender Neutral Collection
"Love to the People"

The “Love to the People” Collection is inspired by Allegra’s love for her hometown of Minneapolis. Over the last year and a half, Allegra witnessed Minneapolis serve as a catalyst for social justice on an international level. Integral to this change was the work of everyday people. In Minneapolis, and globally, communities gathered to protest, paint meaningful murals, and organized mutual aid to unite the city. Moved by the imagery and action around her, Allegra’s collection reflects the energy produced by Minneapolis locals to utilize action to instill change. This collection focuses on uplifting people with optimism and praise to keep on going. The “Love to the People” Collection is a gender-neutral collection that features a range of classic garments that have 70s and sporty design details. The collection hopes to inspire others to spread love and optimism within your community.

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Original Presentation

Collection Presentation

Original Documents

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Collection Development


Original Graphic Art

Updated Illustrations

Garment Developments

Final Collection 

Pacsun Photoshoot

Allegra Lookbook

Product Photos

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