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Allegra Abrams is a fashion designer from Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is a 2021 Fashion Scholarship Fund Winner and a part of the inaugural class of Virgil Abloh Post Modern Scholars. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Bachelors of Science in Textile and Fashion Design with a certificate in Entrepreneurship. During her senior year, she earned her Associate's degree in Fashion Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology. As a designer, Allegra creates innovative and optimistic designs, with inclusivity at the forefront of her designs. She explores a variety of themes ranging from gender-neutral clothing to self-care care for Black women. Allegra has gained industry experience through various design positions, most recently working on the Design team at Mara Hoffman to help create beautiful and sustainable designs. In the future, Abrams hopes to continue producing collections that celebrate storytelling and self-expression that lead to meaningful dialogue.

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